Below are articles that might be of interest to you. They address successes fire departments, first responders and industries have had with HCT products. Some are actual case studies, while others are articles from magazines. You will find them to be informative, interesting and impressive.

II_F5_AM_Silo Fire-Wood Dust
Fire Safety News-Cover Article and Ad-April 20, 2016
II_F5_PWR_Dust Collector Fire_V4
II_PR_PWR_Ohio Power Plant Bunker Fire-V1
II_F5_PWR_Kentucky Utilities Fire_V2
II_F5FE_AM_K_Ardsley FD-New York
HA_TIC_PWR_Using Thermal Imaging in Coal Handling_V1
AB_F5_MF_F-500 EA For Structural Fires_V2
AB_F5_MF_MSC Flaminia 船舶灭火
AB_F5_AIR_Fort Greely Hangar Fire.pdf
AB_F5_AM_F-500 App Bulletin – Ethanol and Blended Fuels.pdf
AB_F5_MF_F-500 Municipal Fire Department Market Shift Paradigm_V3
AB_F5_PWR_F-500 App Bulletin – Transformer Protection_V2
AB_F5_PWR_F-500 App Bulletin – Turbine Lube Oil.pdf
AB_PWR_Stagnant Coal Hazards.pdf
AB_F5_MF_F-500 Comparison-F-500 vs Other Agents_V3
ART_F5_AM_A_BrandSchutz Magazine-Boblingen Fire-2-2015
ART_F5_AM_Canadian Firefighter Magazine – 1999_V2.pdf
ART_F5_AM_Canadian Journal Magazine – 2000_V2.pdf
ART_F5_AM_FDNY-Transformer Fire_V2
ART_F5_AM_Firefighting-High Voltage Vehicles_V3.pdf
ART_F5_AM_FL – Art-Palatka Daily News (FL SR 19 Fuel Spill).pdf
ART_F5_AM_GA – The Telegraph – Truck carrying butane lighters_V2.pdf
ART_F5_MF_Tarkio Avalanche, Atchison Cty, MO_V2.pdf
ART_F5_PWR_A_Coal Power Article-Guidelines for Handling PRB Coal.pdf
ART_F5_PWR_NIOSH-CDC Report-PRB Silo Explosion_V1.pdf
ART_F5_PWR_Power Magazine_APR03_ Jeffrey Energy Center, KS_V1.pdf
ART_F5_PWR_Power Magazine_MAY02_FDIC 2002, Indiana_V1.pdf
ART_F5_PWR_Power Magazine_NOV01_Fuel Handling Considerations, Switching to PRB Coal_V1.pdf
ART_F5_PWR_Power Magazine_OCT03_Handling and Storing PRB Coal Guidelines_V1.pdf
ART_F5_PWR_A_Silo Fire Fighting-World Coal-December 2016
ART_PR_PWR_Coal People Magazine-Coal Silo-Bunker Firefighting_V2.pdf
ART_F5_RUB_Firehouse Magazine-SEPT06 – Watertown Tire Fire_V1.pdf
CH_F5_ENV_Ship Hold Degassing-Hai An 16-Vietnam
CH_CCS_PWR_Transformer Fire-Southern Co-Plant Gorgas
CH_CCS_PWR_Dominion Mt Storm-Transformer-Turbine Oil_V1
CH_CCS_PWR_Dominion Chesterfield -Transformer-Turbine Oil_V1
CH_F5_PWR-Colorado Utility Transformer Fire_V1
CH_F5_AUT_Fire Suppression for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles-Compiled.pdf
CH_F5_MF_NY State Forensic Report on F-500.pdf
CH_F5_PAP_International Paper Hydraulic Pit Press.pdf
CH_F5_RUB_Wisconsin Fire Journal – Watertown Tire Fire_V1.pdf
CH_F5_AUT_Raceway 5-Batavia NY-Methanol_V1
CH_F5_PET_B_Stern Oil Fire
HA_F5_MP_Solutions for Transformer, Li-Ion Battery and Solar Panel Fires_V1
II_F5_AM_Hillcrest-Burning Recycled Glass Piles_V1
CH_HL_ENV_Combusting Shale Devaporization-NWT Canada
AB_HL_TNK_US Navy-Fuel Tank Degassing
PD_HL_ENV_HydroLock Test with Sulfuric Acid
SOG_HL_AM_#00-HydroLock SOG Manual_V1
ART_HL_ENV_E_Tank Storage Magazine Article-Oct 2013_V1
CH_HL_ENV_HydroLock Case Studies