Below are a few of the testimonials we have received over the years.  Ultimately, our goal is to solve problems for our customers and you can see by reading a few of these testimonials that we often succeed.  Any company can say their products work, but HCT has an army of witnesses, now loyal to our products who were inspired enough to write to us.

PR_F5_MF_M_Press Release-Boblingen Germany-F-500 EA District-wide Program
TES_F5_AM_ON – Windsor, City of.pdf
TES_MP_PWR_A_AES Puerto Rico-Hot Spots.pdf
TES_F5_PWR_Dynegy Testimonial Ltr.pdf
TES_F5_PWR_Eon-UK, Kingsnorth Power Station, F-500 Benefits, Coal Silo Fires.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Macon, Georgia.pdf
TES_F5_PAP_Buckeye Letter.pdf
TES-F5-RUB-Macon Testimonial Letter.pdf
TES_F5_AM_BC – IIR-Norske Canada PM1000 Cleaning Agent Spill.pdf
TES_F5_AM_Island & Barrington Passage Fire Dept. – Compressed Air System- March 2006.pdf
TES_F5_AM_ON – 3B-B Letter.pdf
TES_F5_AM_ON – Otonabee.pdf
TES_F5_AM_SK – F-500 Incident Informer – John Deere 9600 Combine Fire Email.pdf
TES_F5_ENV_ON – Windsor Fire and Rescue.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Arkansas, State of.pdf
TES_F5_MF_City of Griffin GA.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Clayton County.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Grand Rapids, Michigan Testimonial.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Greenville, Kentucky.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Madison Township Fire-Hazmat.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Plant City.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Reno, Nevada.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Robertsdale AL_V1.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Washington Quarter Midget Association Email.pdf
TES_F5_MF_West Knox Fire Department.pdf
TES_F5_MF_West Thurston FD Brent Devert.pdf
TES_F5_MF_West Thurston FD Matt Bennett.pdf
TES_F5_MF_Wilcox Fire Dept  Testimonial 6-3-09.pdf
TES_F5_AM_PEI – Guardian Canada Newspaper.pdf