Environmental Industry

The environmental industry covers a very broad range of industries, but for our purposes, we are referring to companies involved in spill control, soil washing, bioremediation and odor control.  We assist these companies with Encapsulator Technology.  In all cases, the remarkable ability of Encapsulator Agents to encapsulate fuels is key to the success of these applications.  In spill control, soil washing and bioremediation, Encapsulator Agents are generally encapsulating hydrocarbons from gasoline to heating oil.  For odor control, Encapsulator Agents have been successful controlling odors from organic waste to petroleum odors.

Spill Control

Encapsulator Agent testing has been extensive in spill control, soil washing and bioremediation.  One test on soil samples contaminated with #2 fuel oil over 14 days found a 33% reduction in TPH (Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon).  Increasing HPC values (Heterotrophic Plate Counts), proved biodegradation had occurred.  Another independent field test in Canada with Drillsol showed a 76% reduction in ppm in four months.  Independent lab testing performed one week after an actual 300-gallon benzene spill showed no traces of benzene down to 36” with our Encapsulator Agent, yet with a popular, competitive product, 200-250 ppm were detected from 18-36” and after a rain, benzene would rise to the surface.  In another large spill with cyclohexane and diesel fuel, tested soil samples showed the half treated with our Encapsulator Agent were “remediated” after only four days.  The other half, treated with a competitive product was still being treated two weeks later.

Odor Control

To better understand our Encapsulator Technology capabilities in the area of odor control, HCT commissioned a study at the University of Parma in Parma, Italy.  Household organic waste was tested using an Artificial Olfactory System and a Photo Ionization Detector.  Fifty-four samples were tested for each device.  After the sixth day, samples treated with our Encapsulator Agent had 20% the PPM compared to the non-treated samples.  The testing concluded that our Encapsulator Agent did significantly reduce odors for about a week with sunlight having no effect.  They further found the 3% solution is best applied as a mist to more efficiently encapsulate.