Tank Degassing and Cleaning

The unique ability of F-500 Encapsulator Agent to encapsulate and cool hydrocarbons was excellent for firefighting, but it led to various other applications.  One of these was tank degassing and cleaning.  Since firefighting and cooling was not required, a more focused product was developed for this industry, HydroLock Encapsulator Agent.

The HydroLock molecule is a large, amphipathic molecule with a polar head that is attracted to water, and a nonpolar tail that is attracted to hydrocarbons.  Given the chance, the nonpolar tails will completely surround hydrocarbon molecules, forming micelles or protective “chemical cocoons.”  For tank degassing, this is critical because an application of HydroLock and water rapidly reduces the LELs (lower explosive limit) to near zero.  The vessel is perfectly safe for entry and hot work.

  • Encapsulates volatile vapors
  • Quickly reduces LEL levels for vessel entry
  • Dissolves thick accumulations

HydroLock will encapsulate any hydrocarbon including benzene, oils, jet fuel crude oil, kerosene, gasoline and neutralizes ethanol, so it is equally effective on ethanol-blended fuels, like E10 and E85.  HydroLock has been successful on H2S (hydrogen sulfide), some acids and even prevents pyrophoric iron (iron sulfide scaling) from igniting as vessels are emptied.  HydroLock is nontoxic, nonhazardous, non skin-sensitizing and 100% biodegradable.

Increase Your Profits!

When cleaning vessels or preparing them for entry for repairs or decommissioning, time is money.  Expensive equipment and manpower must be used efficiently.  HydroLock encapsulates hydrocarbon liquids and vapors in a fraction of the time it would take for air circulation to achieve the same results.  The vessel can be entered and the work can be completed.  The crew can move on to the next job.  The sludge is broken down into a nonflammable slurry that can be safely removed and transported for disposal or separation.

  • Minimize turnaround time and costs
  • Saves time for increased productivity

F-500 Encapsulator Agent

  • Extinguishes Class A, Class B polar and nonpolar, Class D metals and specific Class C fires*
  • Rapidly cools fuel and surrounding structures
  • Encapsulates fuel rendering it nonflammable and nonignitable
  • Interrupts the free radical chain reaction – less toxic smoke; better visibility
  • Eliminates scorching steam
  • Eliminates burn back
  • Uses less water

* F-500 EA can be used on Class C high-voltage lithium-ion battery fires and after consulting SOGs can be used on energized transformer fires up to 345 KV, streaming from 125 feet.


CH_F5_ENV_Ship Hold Degassing-Hai An 16-Vietnam