Metal Industries

Industries working with metal are often either heating the metal, such as in a foundry, or cutting or grinding metals.  Molten metals frequently lead to unwanted fires that can be difficult to control.  The other problem is combustible metals.  The smaller the particle size of anything that burns, the more capable it is of catching on fire.  Fabricating metal creates small particles that can ignite and be very difficult to extinguish.  F-500 Encapsulator Agent has properties that make it indispensible with metal foundries and fabricators.

Combustible Metals

One of the more interesting aspects of F-500 EA is its ability to cool.  Water cools, but F-500 EA cools 6-10 times better than water.  If water is applied directly to most burning combustible metals, such as magnesium, titanium, the extreme heat causes the hydrogen and oxygen in the water to separate resulting in two explosive gases.  By simply adding 3% F-500 EA into the water stream, the water drops are protected by a skin of F-500 EA molecules and will not explode.  The protected water drops go to work, rapidly removing the heat from the burning metal.  Other combustible metals include aluminum, zinc, bronze and iron carbonyl.

Firefighting with F-500 EA

F-500 EA should be the agent of choice for its versatility.   F-500 EA Fire Extinguishers can be used on various fires around a foundry or fabrication facility, including cooling molten metal, extinguishing grinding fires or small fuel fires.  In areas where fire extinguishers might not have enough capacity, 26 and 40-gallon carts are available carrying concentrated F-500 EA.  Just connect to a 1 ½”-fire hose and you’re ready for over an hour of Class A firefighting or 21 minutes of Class B firefighting.

        • Fast knockdown
        • Perfect for three-dimensional fires
        • Cools fuel and surrounding structures
        • Encapsulates the fuel rendering it nonflammable
        • Interrupts the free radical chain reaction – reduces toxic smoke


AB_F5_AM_F-500 EA For Class D Fires