Turbine Protection Summary

This is What You Need to Know

NFPA 850

Recommends the water application rate for turbine protection at .30 gpm/ft2.

FM Global Testing

Full scale testing proved .30 gpm/ft2 was inadequate to protect turbines and recommends .40 gpm/ft2 (Bulletin 2006-06)

Dominion Testing

Testing showed educting 3% F-500 Encapsulator Agent into the water at .20 gpm/ft2 extinguished the fire three times faster than plain water at .40 gpm/ft2.

UL Testing

Tests conducted at Underwriters Laboratories in 2014 showed .45 gpm/ft2 would be a better recommendation.

UL Testing in 2014 showed supplementing an existing .30 gpm/ft2 suppression system with 3% F-500 EA is as effective as re-designing and installing a .45 gpm/ft2 water only system.

FM Global Risk Assessment

Fire Damage
Inadequately Protected Turbine

$24 million in damages
24 weeks of shutdown

Fire Damage
Adequately Protected Turbine

$900,000 in damages
2 weeks of shutdown

Figures are from FM Global.  Recent studies suggest the damage for one power plant is more likely closer to $100 million with loss of generating capacity exceeding 52 weeks.



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