How HydroLock Increases Your Profits

HydroLock and “Encapsulator Technology”

HydroLock Encapsulator Agent is a single product that can be used for both tank degassing and cleaning. It is applied mixed with water at 3%. The HydroLock molecules go to work instantly encapsulating the hydrocarbons, reducing the concentration of vapors below the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) for safe entry and even hot work. Alternate methods, such as venting to atmosphere can take many hours or even days. The time savings of manpower and equipment waiting for access to the tank can really add up on a project. The crew can move on to the next project and the vessel can be returned to service.

While HydroLock EA is being applied, it will clean vessel walls and even help break-down build-up on the vessel walls. HydroLock will also break-up the remaining sludge on the floor of the vessel. The nonflammable and nonignitable residue can be safely removed and hauled away for disposal or recycling.

Increased efficiency results in increased profits.


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