Concentrate Control Supply Systems

Concentrate Control Supply (CCS) systems are supplemental chemical agent delivery systems custom-engineered to improve the performance of plain water for both fire suppression and routine wash downs to mitigate combustible dusts. CCS systems can be designed as new fire suppression systems or retrofitted to an existing system. CCS systems can deliver F-500 Encapsulator Agent, Pinnacle Class A Foam or Dust Wash cleaning solution. Every system is individually designed to meet your specific hazard requirements.

CCS systems are available to meet various requirements including bladder tanks, water-driven proportioners and powered pump systems. Chemical agent tank sizes range from 36 to 12,000 gallons. Depending on the hazard, agent proportioning is 0.5% to 3%.  All HCT agents are noncorrosive and require little maintenance.

  • Bladder Tank System
  • Balanced Pressure Pump System
  • Water Driven Proportioner System

From design to installation, final commissioning, inspections and certification, HCT works with all parties to ensure the entire suppression system is installed correctly, functioning and proportioning as designed.  We provide training to ensure your personnel understand the operation and maintenance requirements of this critical fire protection system. HCT can also perform annual testing and recertification, as required by national fire codes.