AquaTech Plus™ Water Mist Systems

    Water Mist Technology (NFPA 750)
+ F-500 Encapsulator Technology (NFPA 18A)
    Fire Suppression Technology2

By combining Water Mist Technology and F-500 Encapsulator Technology, you get “Fire Suppression Technology ‘Squared’.” AquaTech Plus are engineered systems designed for specific applications that provide optimized F-500 EA solution droplets for faster extinguishment. They range from self-contained systems for enclosed or semi-enclosed areas to full scale water mist pump systems. The Encapsulator Dragon systems are stationary or mobile and utilize fog cannons to efficiently deliver the F-500 EA solution to larger areas for fire protection or environmental applications. Encapsulator Dragons don’t require the extensive piping associated with typical suppression systems.

Power Plant Applications

  • Under Turbine Lube Oil
  • Transformer Protection
  • Cable Trays
  • Boiler Fronts
  • Flammable Liquid Storage
    • Tanks
    • Warehouse
  • Combined Cycle Engines
  • Storage Batteries-Lithium-ion

Industrial Applications

  • Metal Recycling Yards
  • Warehouses
  • Landfills (fire and odor control)
  • Dry Bulk Stockpiles


BFL_WM_PWR_F-500 Water Mist_V1