Piercing Rod System Details

A Piercing Rod System includes all of the basic equipment necessary to apply F-500 Encapsulator Agent around a hot spot.  There are four series that include progressively upgraded accessories and each series is available with Add-A-Sections for 25, 50, 75 or 100-foot piercing operations.

All kits include the basic piercing rod with a main assembly lifting head, Add-A-Sections, valve assembly, two piercing nozzles, 60-gpm eductor, 50-foot double-jacket hose, 15-foot double-jacket hose, rotating spray nozzle, FLIR i3 thermal imaging camera and two pipe wrenches.

The 1000 Series includes a locking diamond steel storage locker.  The 2000 Series adds wheels and a handle assembly to the storage locker and includes an additional 50-foot double-jacket hose and emergency hand line and washdown nozzle.

The 3000 and 4000 Series include a custom cart for increased mobility and faster deployment.  They also include an additional 50-foot double-jacket hose, emergency hand line and washdown nozzle and a spare 60-gpm eductor.  The 4000 Series upgrades the FLIR camera to an E40 thermal imaging camera with considerably higher resolution, wider field of view, digital and video capability, picture in picture, voice recording and WiFi transmission via smart phones.

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