Quick Attack Mobile Unit (QAMU)

An F-500 Encapsulator Agent (F-500 EA) powered Quick Attack Mobile Unit (QAMU) is an excellent choice for first responders who expect to need more extinguishing power than a fire extinguisher or industry leaders who seek greater protection and extinguishing power in the event of an emergency.

Our largest QAMU contains 100 liters of F-500 EA solution, ready for use at all times. Other available unit sizes include the 25 liter, 50 liter and 75 liter QAMU. The QAMU has a strong stainless steel cylinder designed for decades of service. It can be refilled and recharged after each deployment. The QAMU has two large wheels to cover rough terrain quickly.

The key to the QAMU is the F-500 EA solution used and its ability to rapidly encapsulate and cool fuel, rendering objects nonflammable and nonignitable. That’s not all: the interruption of the free radical chain reaction reduces the concentration of smoke and toxins, increasing visibility.

These unique qualities paired with the QAMU’s generous tank size make the QAMU the perfect mobile solution for all Lithium-ion Battery Hazards, including Energy Storage Systems (ESS) and Lithium-ion Battery Charging Stations.

The QAMU is also excellent for all Class A and Class B fires, including nonpolar solvents, such as diesel fuel, gasoline, oil or jet fuel. The same applies to polar solvents like ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels used in today’s modern vehicles. The QAMU, powered by F-500 EA also excels in extinguishing Class D combustible metals such as titanium, magnesium and aluminum shavings or grindings found at a machining facility due to its amazing cooling capability.