Rubber Industries

Hazard Control Technologies has many portable delivery systems suitable for the rubber industry from F-500 EA fire extinguishers to portable carts. F-500 Encapsulator Agent is the key to our success in the rubber industry. F-500 EA’s ability to penetrate, cool and encapsulate rubber fires results in fast extinguishment. As F-500 EA interrupts the free radical chain reaction, it quickly controls the thick, black smoke, replacing it with a warm, white vapor.

An excellent application for F-500 EA is protecting tire warehouses with an F-500 EA Concentrate Control Supply (CCS) system. A three-dimensional fire, like stacked tires are very difficult for foam to extinguish because foam can’t smother these fires. Water will have little effect. F-500 EA will quickly control the fire and extinguish it.

In one situation, a large tire manufacturer evaluated a high expansion foam system, which would effectively fill the entire warehouse to smother the fire. There was concern the corrosive nature of the foam would destroy everything in the warehouse, including the tires, shelving and the structure. They concluded the installation costs and potential damage would be prohibitive. They tested F-500 EA and found it was a logical alternative with impressive firefighting capabilities and a reasonable installation cost.


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