Petroleum tank ready for degassing operation

Save Money When Tank Degassing with HydroLock

If you do work on petroleum tanks or pipelines, you need to know about HydroLock Encapsulator Agent. Like most businesses, time is money, but if you have expensive equipment and a crew sitting around while a crude oil tank or a fuel oil tank is ventilated, you’re wasting money.

HydroLock is applied in a 3% solution with water. During the encapsulation process, the HydroLock molecules attach themselves to the water drops and the hydrocarbons, forming micelles, or chemical cocoons. At the same time, HydroLock is very effective at breaking down wall build-up. In a very short time, the hydrocarbon will reduce the LELs to zero. The remaining HydroLock, water and hydrocarbon can be safely removed as a nonflammable and nonignitable solution. The vessel is safe for entry.

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