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F-500 EA is an Encapsulator Agent.  Since it extinguishes fires by encapsulating fuels and vapors, cooling the fuel and surrounding surfaces and by interrupting the free radical chain reaction, F-500 EA is well suited for three-dimensional Class B fires. Unlike foam, F-500 EA does not need to form a blanket to smother a fire. In fact, NFPA 11 Annex A.1.1. states, “Foam is not suitable for three-dimensional flowing liquid fuel fires or for gas fires.”

These videos show F-500 EA’s exceptional ability to extinguish fires where foam would not be able to form a blanket.

F-500 EA Extinguishes Liquid Propane Gas Fire in a Second

F-500 EA extinguishes Three-dimensional Fire in Ontario

F-500 EA Extinguishes Three-Dimensional Jet Engine Cowling Fire

F-500 EA and Oil Well Blow-off Fire Simulation

F-500 EA Fighting a Three-Dimensional Flowing Gasoline Fire

F-500 EA Attacking Class B Distillation Column

F-500 EA and Jet Fuel Fire Wall Demonstration-Manston UK

F-500 EA Extinguishes 3D Inclined Plane Flowing Fuel Fire

F-500 Encapsulator Agent Extinguishes Jet Fuel Fire with P19 Crash Truck