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F-500 EA is an Encapsulator Agent.  The unique properties of the F-500 EA molecules encapsulate hydrocarbons, rendering them nonflammable.  This works for Class B polar solvents, such as today’s ethanol blended fuels, like E85 or E10 and on Class B nonpolar solvents, like gasoline, jet fuel, diesel fuel and heating oil.  In addition to this, F-500 EA cools the fuel and surrounding structures, removing the source of heat.  You will see the black smoke turn white as the F-500 EA interrupts the free radical chain reaction.

F-500 EA and 100 Gallon Ethanol Fire - Modesto CA

F-500 EA from a Crash Truck - Jet Crash Demonstration

F-500 EA Extinguishes Jet Fuel Pit in Memphis

F-500 EA Extinguishes 3D Inclined Plane Flowing Fuel Fire

F-500 EA vs Water - Class B Fire Demo

F-500 EA Extingushes and Mitigates Gasoline Spill

F-500 EA Extinguishes Naptha-Diesel Fire in 10 seconds-Parana Brazil

Petroleum Tank Fire Comparison - F-500 EA vs. AFFF

F-500 Encapsulator Agent and Ethanol Fires

Creosote Railroad Tie Fire Demonstration-HD

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