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F-500 Encapsulator Agent rapidly cools Class D combustible metals.  The F-500 EA water drops absorb the heat, rather than evaporating as steam.  When water or water and foam are applied to Class D combustible metals, the heat causes the water to separate into explosive hydrogen and oxygen.  F-500 EA can be applied to Class D metals without flare-ups or explosions.  This hazard also applies to modern vehicle fires that use magnesium components to reduce weight, greatly endangering firefighters attacking car fires.  Using F-500 EA for Class D fires or car fires reduces the risk to firefighters.

F-500 EA Car Fire with Magnesium Steering Column

Rapidly Cools Burning Magnesium Fire

F 500 EA Cools and Extinguishes Titanium Fire

F-500 EA - The Solution for Car Fires and Magnesium Components

F-500 EA Extinguishes Burning Magnesium without Explosions

Titanium-Zirconium Fire Extinguished with F-500 EA Extinguisher