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F-500 Encapsulator Agent is extremely effective on most every Class A fire because it extinguishes the fire in multiple ways.  It penetrates deep into granulars and into porous surfaces and spreads out over a greater area.  F-500 EA also removes the heat.  Remove the heat; extinguish the fire.  F-500 EA also interrupts the free radical chain reaction, greatly reducing smoke and toxins.  Finally, F-500 EA has amazing burn back resistance, reducing callbacks and overhaul time.

F-500 EA and the Boblingen, Germany Warehouse Fire

F-500 EA vs CAFS on Two 40 Tire Pile Fires

F-500 EA and Tire Fire Demonstration-Louisiana

F-500 EA Extinguishing a House Fire

F-500 EA Extinguishes Fiberglass Boat Fire

F-500 EA Extinguishes Car Fire-Ontario

F-500 EA - Coal Dust Flash Fires

F-500 EA Applied to Coal Hot Spot - Shown with Thermal Imaging

Car Fire - Take the F-500 EA Challenge

F-500 EA Treated Room Burnback Resistance-Hotel Fire

F-500 EA TKO Nozzle Extinguishes Car Fire in 10 Seconds

F-500 EA TKO Nozzle Quickly Extinguishes Pallet Fire

Tire Fire - F-500 EA vs. High Expansion Foam

F-500 Encapsulator Agent Quickly Extinguishes Fiberglass Boat Fire

F-500 EA Air Drop on Brush Fire