Diamond Doser

 The only Water-driven Proportioner designed to work hand-in-hand with Encapsulator Technology.

Diamond Doser systems offer unprecedented protection against today’s fastest growing industrial hazards when combined with any new or existing Sprinkler or Deluge system. These Water-driven Proportioners are one of a kind systems engineered to utilize Encapsulator Agents across a wide flow range to meet your facility’s needs.

Convert your Bladder Tank to a modern, reliable and economical Diamond Doser Water-driven Proportioner system.

Diamond Doser is powered by FIREMIKS.



SECTION 7.7 Spherical Micelle Stability Testing

CHAPTER 9 Flammable Metal Fire Suppression

ANNEX 4.3 Lithium-ion Battery Testing


Encapsulator Technology

The most versatile agents available on the market today. 

Time is of the essence during a modern day industrial fire. While incipient fires involving more natural materials used to take several minutes to become a fully involved fire, the industrial fires facilities face today contain highly flammable and toxic synthetical materials. Encapsulator Agents take the guess work out of an industrial emergency. Their ability to mitigate Three-dimensional Fires containing mixed materials, including Lithium-ion Batteries, is just one unique benefit of switching to an Encapsulator Agent for all-encompassing hazard protection.

Encapsulator Agents are not foams or wetting agents.

While foams and wetting agents work on a mechanical level, Encapsulator Agents work on a chemical molecular level, changing the composition of plain water.


  1. Expand Hazard Mitigation Capabilities
  2. Establish Confident Incident Response
  3. Prevent Re-ignition
  4. Reduce Carcinogenic Toxin Concentration
  5. Reduce Environment Contamination
  6. Prevent Hazardous + Costly Cleanup
  7. Prevent Machinery Deterioration


Diamond Doser Benefits

How does a Diamond Doser Water-driven Proportioner compare to a Bladder Tank?


Simply install using groove couplings or flanges. Utilize a standalone atmospheric agent tank that is easy to fill. Commissioning and certification is straightforward and economical.


No lubrication is required. Simply crank the shaft every six months with the ratchet wrench supplied at the time of installation. Safely refill your tank with ease as needed.


Switch to an NFPA recognized Encapsulator Agent to experience Class A, Class B (Polar + Non-polar), Class C, Class D and Lithium-ion
Battery industrial hazard protection and ensure a safer workspace.


Lithium-ion Battery Protection

Encapsulator Technology has undergone over a decade of third-party scientific testing with world recognized institutions such as KIWA, Fraunhofer and TU Clausthal for both lithium-ion battery fire suppression and toxic off-gas mitigation.



Enjoy savings on your initial system equipment and installation as well as annual testing. Save money over time as there is zero concentrate waste during testing and system use.


Avoid inconvenient and messy unplanned discharges, contamination and unexpected disposal costs. Encapsulator Agents are fluorine free, biodegradable and noncorrosive.


Custom Design

Project solutions as unique as your company!


Speak one-on-one with an Encapsulator Technology Specialist near you about the benefits of switching to an eco-friendly Encapsulator Agent for unmatched industrial hazard protection.

Custom Quote

Each project we set out to design is carefully curated alongside our in-house engineer to ensure your company receives a fire protection solution that targets your unique needs.


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