Diamond Doser®
Fire Suppression System

A water driven proportioner specifically designed to work hand-in-hand with F-500 Encapsulator Agent.

The Diamond Doser® is a one of a kind system, expertly engineered to utilize Encapsulator Agents across a wide flow range. Time is of the essence during a modern day industrial fire. While incipient fires involving more natural materials used to take several minutes to become fully involved, the fires facilities face today contain highly flammable and toxic synthetical materials. Encapsulator Agents take the guess work out of an emergency. Their ability to effectively mitigate three-dimensional fires containing mixed materials, including lithium-ion batteries, is just one unique benefit of switching to an Encapsulator Agent for all-encompassing hazard protection.





Fire Protection



Diamond Doser is powered by Firemiks.

VersatilityAn engineered system
designed to work hand in hand
with Encapsulator Technology,
allowing for Class A, B, C, D
and lithium-ion battery
hazard protection.
ContinuityAn uninterrupted
system as long as water and
concentrate are available. If the
tank is depleted, concentrate
can flow continually from a
separate drum or tote.
ConsistencyA system that is always
predictable, producing solution
with a consistent ratio that
doesn’t fluctuate if additional
sprinkler heads open at
your facility.
SimplicityInstallation, operation
and maintenance are simple.
The system is driven by water
flow alone with no need for
constant calibration or
pressure balancing.
EfficiencyA flexible system with
a wide pressure range of 2-12
or 2-16 bar that automatically
corrects admixture accordingly.
Testing is convenient, producing
no agent waste.
AffordabilityEnjoy instant savings on
system installation and save
thousands over time through
effective fire suppression
and economical annual
NFPA mandated testing.
Eco-friendlyAvoid unexpected system
discharges, contamination and
disposal costs with a reliable
system that utilizes fluorine free,
biodegradable and noncorrosive
Encapsulator Technology.


DD-0018013 GPM (49 LPM)48 GPM (180 LPM)1.50″
DD-0045020 GPM (76 LPM)119 GPM (450 LPM)2.00″
DD-0080036 GPM (136 LPM)212 GPM (800 LPM)2.50″
DD-0120069 GPM (261 LPM)317 GPM (1,200 LPM)3.00″
DD-0180069 GPM (261 LPM)475 GPM (1,800 LPM)4.00″
DD-0240083 GPM (314 LPM)
634 GPM (2,400 LPM)
DD-0320092 GPM (348 LPM)
846 GPM (3,200 LPM)
DD-04500132 GPM (500 LPM)1,190 GPM (4,500 LPM)
DD-06000158 GPM (598 LPM)
1,587 GPM (6,000 LPM)
DD-08000211 GPM (799 LPM)
2,116 GPM (8,000 LPM)
DD-10000211 GPM (799 LPM)2,645 GPM (10,000 LPM)10.00″

Is your team ready?

Speak one-on-one with an Encapsulator Technology Specialist near you about the benefits of switching to a Diamond Doser® water-driven proportioner system. Each project we set out to design is carefully curated alongside our in-house engineers to ensure your company receives a fire protection solution that targets your unique needs.



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