F-500 EA®

F-500 EA® is a multi-class cULus and NFPA compliant fire prevention, protection and suppression agent with flammable vapor and liquid mitigation capabilities. Encapsulator Technology is utilized today across the world by industry leaders and first responders for unparalleled hazard protection.


HydroLock® is expertly formulated to mitigate flammable and explosive vapor hazards. HydroLock® excels at efficient tank degassing and tank cleaning, quickly dropping the Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and allowing your team to safely enter vessels for the removal of hydrocarbon liquid and sludge in record time.


Pinnacle is a fluorine free Class A firefighting foam offering fire departments maximum penetration while providing a durable and thick foam blanket. In areas where large quantities of water are not readily available, Pinnacle can make a difference and help the water on your fire truck stretch farther.

Dust Wash

Dust Wash is a combination encapsulator and foaming agent capable of capturing and lifting caked on combustible dust accumulating at your facility. Water is often used for housekeeping, but it can prove to be dangerous if there is an undetected hot spot involved. Dust Wash prevents flare-ups and excessive runoff.


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