Multi-class Hazard Mitigation

Spherical Micelle Droplet Formation

Encapsulator Technology

Learn how Encapsulator Agents function in water and once exiting the nozzle. This is the first step in understanding how Encapsulator Technology works on a deeper level and just how uniquely innovative it is. Watch as Encapsulator Agent molecules form millions of Spherical Micelles, altering water droplets on a chemical molecular level.

Gasoline Encapsulation

Encapsulator Technology

Encapsulating carbon and hydrocarbon fuel, separating it from oxygen on a chemical molecular level. Watch to see the unmistakable burn back resistance encapsulation offers on this gasoline spill, no blanket needed.

Rapid Heat Reduction

Encapsulator Technology

View thermal imaging of a vehicle burn mitigated using a 1% Encapsulator Agent solution. Temperatures drop from approximately 1,200°F to just 250°F in a matter of seconds.

Cornelia, Georgia Day Burns

Encapsulator Technology

Watch a series of day burns our Encapsulator Technology Specialists conducted with Cornelia Fire Department in Cornelia, Georgia to demonstrate the rapid knockdown capabilities of Encapsulator Technology during a structure fire as well as the importance of quick and natural CO reduction. According to the National Institute of Health, CO poses a greater threat to victims and Firefighters than does oxygen deprivation or heat in residential structure fires.

Broadview Heights, Ohio Vehicle Burns

Encapsulator Technology

View a vehicle burn our Encapsulator Technology Specialists conducted with Broadview Heights Fire Department in Broadview Heights, Ohio to demonstrate the rapid knockdown and heat reduction capabilities of Encapsulator Technology during a vehicle fire involving Class D flammable metals such as magnesium. Watch as Encapsulator Agent is proportioned right at the nozzle using our signature TKO Nozzle to mitigate this vehicle fire in under two minutes.

Fluorine Free Firefighting

Encapsulator Technology

Your department’s health and safety is our top priority. As the fluorinated Firefighting foam crisis continues to negatively impact your department and the communities you serve, the world is anxious for solutions. We aim to provide your department with a fluorine free solution offering countless benefits that a foam, dry powder and wetting agent cannot.

Wildland Firefighting

Encapsulator Technology

Learn how the unique benefits of Encapsulator Technology, including stable and long-term burn back resistance, assisted Fire Brigades in fighting the 2019 Amazon Rainforest wildfires. Fire Brigades utilized 100 liters of Encapsulator Agent to fight fires for over thirty days while receiving extensive training.

Comparative Lithium-ion Battery Testing

Encapsulator Technology

View a unique side-by-side comparison of three fire suppression agents applied to lithium-ion battery fires during a series of tests conducted by KIWA. Notice the effects of dry powder, foam and F-500 Encapsulator Agent (F-500 EA) on these fires. Third-party testing points to one solution: Encapsulator Technology.

NFPA 18A Annex 4.3

Encapsulator Technology

Encapsulator Agent Lithium-ion Battery Testing “Water additives based on spherical micelle technology (Encapsulator Agents) conforming to Section 7.7 have been tested extensively by independent third-party testing organizations, including Kiwa, Dekra, Daimler, Dutech, Bosch, Fraunhofer University and TU Clausthal. This testing has been controlled, scientific and highly instrumented, documenting fire suppression, control and elimination of thermal runaway and encapsulation of both flammable electrolyte and other explosive off-gases, rendering them nonexplosive. Encapsulator Technology reduces the toxicity of HF gas exposure to humans.”

Encapsulator Agents vs. Plain Water

Encapsulator Technology

Watch this recap of a case study conducted while fighting a massive tire fire at Cerro Patacon Tire Processing Plant in Chile. Understand how utilizing Encapsulator Technology to fight this tire fire protected this processing plant’s personnel and property while saving lives, time, water and resources.

Antofagasta, Chile Training

Encapsulator Technology

Hands-on demonstrations in Antofagasta, Chile utilizing Encapsulator Technology to fight Class A, Class B, Class D and three-dimensional fires and encapsulate flammable fuels and toxic hydrocarbons.



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