Fire Service

Today’s fires are burning hotter and faster than ever before.

Firefighters are faced with new and highly hazardous materials every day.

Why are many municipalities and commercial industries fighting today’s fires with yesterday’s technology? If industrial machinery catches fire, employees might try to extinguish it with a fire extinguisher, but local Firefighters get called in when things get out of hand. Some industries have Fire Brigades, but their numbers are shrinking as budgets tighten. Many fire departments are familiar with the benefits of Encapsulator Technology, but there are many who haven’t yet discovered why Encapsulator Agents should be their agent of choice.

Encapsulator Agents are versatile, capable of extinguishing Class A, Class B (Non-Polar + Polar), Class C (Energized Environment, Transformers, Etc.), Class D and Lithium-ion Battery fires.


Scientific Fire Setting Report

Your fire department’s health and safety is our top priority.

The use of Encapsulator Agents significantly

reduces the amount of water required to extinguish a fire.

The effectiveness of this product in fighting

three-dimensional fires is particularly impressive. Its use

from day one could have minimized the amount of water

used, production of smoke and number of hours worked by

Firefighters, but above all its use could have prevented

the inhalation of carcinogenic fumes by our personnel.


Fluorine Free Firefighting

Our commitment to your fire department.



The perfect solution for a wide variety of fire hazards, including three-dimensional fires and energized environments.




Lithium-ion Batteries


Roadside Collisions


Spill Control


Structure Fires


Tire Fires


Transformer Fires



Class A MaterialsEfficientEfficientEfficientEfficient
Class B Fuels [Polar]Not SafeNot SafeEfficientEfficient
Class B Fuels [Non-polar]Not SafeEfficientEfficientEfficient
Class D MetalsNot SafeNot SafeNot SafeEfficient
Lithium-ion BatteriesNot EffectiveNot SafeNot SafeEfficient
TransformersNot EffectiveNot SafeNot SafeEfficient


Fire Hazards

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is recommended for multi-class fire hazards.

Use the correct percentage of F-500 EA for Class A fire hazards. Class B fire hazards. Class D fire hazards. Lithium-ion Battery fire hazards.

Class A MaterialsWood, Paper, Cloth, Rubber, Dust, Etc.0.5% – 1%
Class B Fuels [Polar]Ethanol, E10, E85, Acetone, Etc.3%
Class B Fuels [Non-polar]Gasoline, Diesel, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic Oil, Etc.3%
Class D MetalsMagnesium, Titanium, Aluminum, Etc.3%
Lithium-ion BatteriesBatteries, Energy Storage Systems (ESS)3%
Transformers*Energized Environment*3%*

*F-500 EA can be used on both Class C [Energized Environment] and energized transformer fires up to 345 KV, streaming from 125 ft. after consulting SOGs.



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