Encapsulate the World

Since 1997, Hazard Control Technologies, Inc. (HCT) has grown from a single fire suppression product manufacturer to a multifaceted worldwide company, providing fire suppression and environmental impact protection chemical agents, fire suppression delivery fixed systems and equipment, training and consulting services. Our products and services, which are supported by our own engineering, consulting and technical resources, are used by municipal fire departments, tank cleaning contractors, power plants, bioremediation companies and in countless additional industrial settings.

HCT is an ISO 9001 registered company, ensuring consistent quality and guaranteeing that every product you receive from HCT has undergone a rigorous testing and quality control process. Rest assured that the products and services you receive from HCT will consistently be of the highest quality.



As technology advances, movers and shakes cannot afford to protect today’s hazards with yesterday’s technology. Modern combustibles like synthetic fibers, lightweight alloys, and lithium ion batteries pose unique challenges that require innovative solutions, such as Encapsulator Technology.



We believe in a world that can make the switch to a sustainable future without sacrificing safety. Our Encapsulator Agents are fluorine free, biodegradable and noncorrosive all while mitigating a variety of high hazards. Our formula hasn’t changed since 1997 and thorough quality control maintains that promise.



We deeply value fellowship. In fact, the majority of our team is comprised of both active and retired firefighters. When you invest in training for your department, you’ll be met with a badge-to-badge connection, fire ground experience and over 25 years of success protecting fellow first responders in their field.


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