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Lithium-ion Batteries

Encapsulator Agents conforming to Section 7.7 have been tested extensively by independent third-party organizations. This testing has been controlled, scientific and highly instrumented, documenting fire suppression, control and elimination of thermal runaway and encapsulation of both flammable electrolyte and other explosive off-gases, rendering them nonexplosive and reducing the toxicity of HF gas exposure to humans. NFPA 18A Annex 4.3

Firefighter Cancer

The use of Encapsulator Agents significantly reduces the amount of water required to extinguish a fire. The effectiveness of this product in fighting three-dimensional fires is particularly impressive. Its use from day one could have minimized the amount of water used, production of smoke and number of hours worked by Firefighters, but above all its use could have prevented the inhalation of carcinogenic fumes by our personnel. Laval Fire Department


Encapsulator Technology is the eco-friendly answer to today’s fluorinated foam crisis. Ensure a healthier and safer world for the next generation of Firefighters. F-500 Encapsulator Agent (F-500 EA) does not contain any fluorinated active ingredients. It is also completely biodegradable and noncorrosive. Switch to Encapsulator Technology today to be a part of the solution.



KSN 16

Electric vehicle fires a “whole new animal to fight”, says CJ Fire Chief.

“If crews with the Carl Junction Fire Department (CJFD) are called to a fire involving an electric vehicle, Perkins assures they’ll show up prepared thanks to a new firefighting agent called F-500 Encapsulator Agent (F-500 EA).”


PFAS-free fire defense arrives at Rio Rico Fire Department.

“On Tuesday, May 11, The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality helped the Rio Rico Fire Department remove over 250 gallons of cancer-causing chemicals used to put out fires. The agency replaced the deadly carcinogen PFAS with a liquid called F-500 Encapsulator Agent (F-500 EA). According to Chief Mike Urbanski, this chemical works with water to help extinguish fires more quickly while also being safer for firefighters responding to fires.”



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