Commercial Fire Suppression

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The Fluorine-Free Solution for Fire Safety

In today’s commercial environments, where operations are intensive and risks are high, an effective fire suppression system is necessary. These systems are invaluable in settings ranging from transformers and substations with high-temperature oil to data centers packed with flammable materials. The ultimate goal → ensure continuity of operations while safeguarding lives and assets.

Reliable, Safe, and Effective Solutions

We demonstrate our commitment to protecting commercial environments through advanced, innovative fire suppression solutions. These systems are designed to meet the rigorous safety demands of various commercial settings. That’s why many renowned organizations trust HCT for superior fire protection and quality service.

F-500 Encapsulator Agent

An innovative suppression agent that rapidly cools and encapsulates the fuel, preventing re-ignition and interrupting the free radical chain reaction. F-500 EA is effective against various fire classes, including Class A (common combustibles), Class B (flammable liquids and gases), and Class D (combustible metals). It’s also compatible with leading sprinkler head systems and deluge systems.

Hazard Control Technologies' F-500 EA.
F-500 EA fire extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers

Engineered for incipient fire protection and ease of use, our fire extinguishers provide an essential first response to emerging fires. They’re effective on a variety of fuels (gasoline, oil, ethanol) and can be used for hydrocarbon spill control.

Diamond Doser

A one-of-a-kind fire protection system that doses F-500 EA concentrate directly into any new or existing sprinkler or deluge system, across various flow rates and pressures. This water-driven proportioner works with F-500 EA for multi-class fire protection.

the F-500 EA sprinkler head

Fluorine-Free Foam Alternatives

F-500 EA is an eco-friendly fire suppression solution. Our fluorine-free, biodegradable, and non-corrosive Encapsulator Technology mitigates the high hazards of today’s commercial environments.

Combating Common Fire Hazards in Commercial Environments

Commercial buildings are susceptible to a variety of fire hazards that can threaten safety and operations. Our F-500 EA is expertly designed to mitigate these risks, encapsulating fuel, rapidly reducing heat, and chemically interrupting the combustion process. This approach ensures rapid containment and reduces the risk and impact of fires.

Kichen and Grease Fires: Sudden and intense, and require fast-acting suppression solutions.

Electrical Fires: Caused by faulty wiring or overheating electrical equipment, we can manage these incidents before they escalate.

Flammable Liquids: Stored in manufacturing plants and warehouses, these require solutions that mitigate explosion risks.

Heating Equipment: Malfunctions in heating systems can lead to serious fires. Our technology detects and suppresses these fires at the source.

Our Commitment to You

For over 20 years, our dedication to safety and customer service has been evident in every solution we offer. We ensure that each extinguishing agent and system not only meets but exceeds NFPA safety standards. Our F-500 EA goes beyond traditional fire sprinkler systems, demonstrating exceptional performance across various fire classes and mitigating commercial fires on three distinct levels.


F-500 EA encapsulates flammable fuels and absorbs the thermal energy from higher-temperature flames, significantly faster than plain water. This prevents thermal runaway and provides durable resistance against re-ignition, enhancing safety in commercial settings.


In environments like data centers and battery energy storage systems, F-500 EA plays an important role in halting the production of explosive gases during fires. This reduces the risk of explosion, protecting against property damage in enclosed commercial spaces.


Encapsulator Agents reduce the concentration of toxic off-gases released during fires. By reducing these harmful emissions, we contribute to safer firefighting operations.

While traditional foam systems work on a mechanical level, F-500 EA works on a molecular level, effectively changing the composition of plain water. We deliver a comprehensive approach to target commercial fires efficiently.

Setting the Standard for Compliance

We set the standard for compliance in the fire protection industry, making sure we adhere to guidelines regulated by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). Our fire suppression systems meet and exceed these guidelines, ensuring that your commercial environments are not only protected by also compliant with the highest safety regulations. This dedication provides peace of mind and establishes a foundation for dependable fire protection.

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