Marine Industries

Shipboard Fire Suppression Systems

Marine applications for Encapsulator Agents are diverse.  HCT has a great deal of experience with shipboard fire suppression systems using F-500 EA, particularly with the Italian Navy.  After extensive testing, the Italian Navy installed F-500 EA fire suppression systems in strategic locations on every ship.

Other commercial ships have been outfitted with F-500 EA Concentrate Control Supply (CCS) systems.  Harbor fireboats with limited space have found F-500 EA to be a critical choice.  Since space is limited, they have found a small amount of F-500 EA has more suppression capability than other agents.

Rescue and Fire Boats

Several rescue ships responded to a cargo ship collision on the South China Sea in 2005.  A Korean vessel sank and the Rickmers was in great danger.  For 80 hours, three rescue ships tried to extinguish the burning cargo of magnesium and chemicals with deck guns. Then, firefighters boarded the ship with twelve pails of F-500 EA and extinguished the blaze with hand lines in 5 hours.

From cleaning out bilge water sludge with HydroLock to installing F-500 EA fire suppression systems in engine rooms of ships, there are numerous applications where encapsulator agents should be used.

  • Shipboard Firefighting
  • Bilge Cleaning
  • Tank Degassing and Cleaning
  • Combustible Dust Control – Bulk Cargo Vessels
  • Combustible Dust Fire Mitigation – Barges and Bulk Cargo Vessels
  • Wharf Fire Suppression

F-500 Encapsulator Agent

  • Extinguishes Class A, Class B polar and nonpolar, Class D metals and specific Class C fires*
  • Rapidly cools fuel and surrounding structures
  • Encapsulates fuel rendering it nonflammable and nonignitable
  • Interrupts the free radical chain reaction – less toxic smoke; better visibility
  • Eliminates scorching steam
  • Eliminates burn back
  • Uses less water

* F-500 EA can be used on Class C high-voltage lithium-ion battery fires and after consulting SOGs can be used on energized transformer fires up to 345 KV, streaming from 125 feet.


CH_F5_ENV_Ship Hold Degassing-Hai An 16-Vietnam