F-500 EA Portable Cart

Rapid Deployment

Portable carts are the perfect way to deploy F-500 Encapsulator Agent from an existing standpipe in seconds. The smaller model carries 26 gallons of F-500 EA and the larger unit carries 40 gallons.  The 60-gpm built-in eductor on these portable carts connects to a 1 ½” fire hose with all National Hose Thread (NHT) connections.  Both models come equipped with a 50-foot double-jacket deployment hose and a 60-gpm nozzle machined from high-grade aluminum alloy with a 50 micron anodized, PTFE impregnated coating for years of service.  The eductor can be set at 0.4% for washdowns in combustible dust applications, 1% for Class A fires and 3% for all Class B fires and fuel spills, including polar and nonpolar solvents, such as gasoline, diesel fuel, oil, ethanol and ethanol-blended fuels.

Although designed for incipient fires, the 40-gallon model can fight a Class A fire for over an hour and a Class B fire for 21 minutes.  With F-500 Encapsulator Agent’s ability to cool the fuel and surrounding structures and encapsulate fuels, it would be very rare either one of these units could not extinguish a fire.  If you can’t get the fire out by then, you’re still flowing plain water to help control the fire until the firefighters arrive.

Another excellent application for these portable carts is hydrocarbon fuel spills.  The large amount of F-500 EA in the reservoirs can mitigate over 200 gallons of spilled fuel for the 26-gallon model and 320 gallons of fuel for the 40-gallon model.  The spilled fuel would be nonflammable and nonignitable and could be left to evaporate or be safely cleaned up, depending on local regulations.

Both models have durable, polyethylene reservoirs supported by epoxy-coated metal frames.  A self-draining storage area keeps the hose, nozzle and eductor tube handy when not in use.

  • Compact and Convenient
  • Rapid knockdown of Class A and Class B fires
  • Mitigate large volume hydrocarbon spills
  • Durable design with high-impact reservoir
  • Ready for rapid deployment


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F-500 Encapsulator Agent (F-500 EA)


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