TKO Nozzle

Turbo Knockdown Overhaul Nozzle

TKO Nozzles are powered by Encapsulator Technology to deliver extreme knockdown power. Under the nozzle is a 2-Liter (.52-Gallon) container that instantly educts a proportioned amount of Encapsulator Agent concentrate into your water stream. These nozzles are available with a flow rate of 75 LPM (20 GPM).

Easily adjust your stream, fog pattern and proportioning rate with the twist of a dial. Quickly replace bottles as needed with a standard hose connection: 1 ½” NH-NST fitting.

TKO Nozzles are convenient to deploy and excellent for fires too large for a standard fire extinguisher. They are a zero waste solution as agent concentrate is educted at the nozzle; not the pumper.

Rapidly extinguish today’s high temperature multi-class vehicle fires involving various Fuels, Flammable Metals, Tires, Plastics and Lithium-ion Batteries. Easily encapsulate and render fuel spills nonflammable. There’s no need to spread absorbents as Encapsulator Agents can be left to evaporate when permitted by local regulations.