F-500 EA® Piercing Nozzle

1000 Series / 2000 Series

Utilize piercing nozzle systems to combat deep-seated fires in bulk storage situations, such as silos. This system uses F-500 EA concentrate predominantly on Class A fires (grain, wood dust, and coal), but also on Class D fires (titanium and aluminum), Lithium-ion battery fires, and more.

Piercing Nozzle
OSHA reports an increase in dust explosions


Unlike traditional foam solutions, our engineered F-500 EA® Piercing Nozzle system will allow your team to locate and accurately inject F-500 Encapsulator Agent into a hot spot to reduce high temperatures and rapidly extinguish the fire. F-500 EA® Piercing Nozzle systems are designed specifically for controlling combustible powder and granular bulk storage incidents in specific fireground situations like silos, bunkers, and piles. This method allows a minimal amount of solution to be used that could otherwise cause clumping and flow restrictions within a storage vessel in larger quantities. We offer two series, both available with Add-A-Sections for 25-FT, 50-FT, 75-FT, or 100-FT piercing nozzle operations. Each of our piercing nozzle packages includes all basic equipment necessary to successfully apply F-500 EA® solution to a hot spot.