F-500 Encapsulator Agent (EA)

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F-500 EA is the answer to many of today’s firefighting challenges. In a world where fires have become hotter and more difficult to extinguish, F-500 Encapsulator Agent’s unique capabilities meet those challenges. First, F-500 EA has a remarkable ability to cool a fire and surrounding structures, with the ability to absorb 6-10 times more heat energy than plain water without the creation of super-heated steam. Secondly, F-500 EA forms Spherical Micelles or “chemical cocoons” that encapsulates fuels rendering them nonflammable and non-ignitable. Finally, F-500 EA interrupts the free radical chain reaction of the fire tetrahedron. This interruption results in greater visibility, reduced smoke and soot and most importantly a drastic reduction in toxins.

F-500 Encapsulator Agent is not a foam, so it contains no fluorinates ingredients, such as perfluorooctyl sulfonate (PFOS). F-500 EA is 100% biodegradable and is non-hazardous, containing no ingredients reportable under the Superfund Amendments and Re-authorization Act (SARA) Title III, Section 313 or the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA). Shelf life is 15 years and it can be discarded as a non-hazardous waste under RCRA CFR261.

  • Rapid Cooling
  • Encapsulates Fuel
  • Interrupts Free Radical Chain Reaction
  • Drastic Cancer-Causing Toxin & Smoke Reduction
  • No Fluorinated Ingredients (PFOA/PFAS)
  • No Scalding Steam

These unique properties make F-500 Encapsulator Agent the most versatile firefighting agent available.  Unlike foam which must form and maintain a perfect blanket to separate the fire from the oxygen, the F-500 EA Spherical Micelle technology encapsulates the fuel and vapors on a molecular level rendering them nonflammable. This makes F-500 EA the perfect solution for three-dimensional fires, plus F-500 EA is recommended for Class A, Class B (polar and nonpolar), Class K, Class D and Lithium-ion Battery fires.  There’s no need to inventory Class A, AFFF and/or AR-AFFF foams and specialized agents for Class D fires.  F-500 EA can do it all!

One Agent – One Solution!

Class A ½ – 1% Wood, Paper, Cloth, Rubber, Combustible Granular, Powders
Class B (Non-polar) 3% Gasoline, Diesel Fuel, Heating Oil, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic Oil
Class B (Polar) 3% Ethanol, Ethanol-Blended Fuels (E10 & E85), Acetone
Class D 3% Magnesium, Titanium, Aluminum
Lithium-ion Batteries 3% Lithium-ion Batteries, Energy Storage Systems (ESS)


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Suggested Operating Guidelines

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