Vehicle Fire Suppression

Adequate fire suppression plays an important role in safeguarding individual lives and assets from the devastating impacts of vehicle fires. In the world of fire safety, a robust fire protection system is a precaution and a necessity, especially when dealing with combustible materials inside vehicles. Some of the standard fire hazards include flammable liquids, electrical equipment, combustible metals, and other hazardous synthetic materials. These factors require specialized agents and systems to extinguish the fire successfully. Whether in off-road vehicles, haul trucks, or mining vehicles, it’s necessary to have a fire suppression system that protects the vehicle owner and the car itself.

Our Fire Suppression Solutions

At Hazard Control Technologies, we understand the challenges of vehicle fire suppression. We offer a wide range of advanced fire suppression solutions, each designed to address the specific needs of the automobile industry.

  • F-500 Encapsulator Agent: Our cutting-edge Encapsulator Technology excels in tackling vehicle fires. The F-500 separates the fuel from oxygen, stopping the chemical reaction and minimizing exposure to harmful toxins linked to firefighter cancer. This suppression agent is particularly effective in engine compartments and mobile equipment where rapid fire damage occurs.
  • Protection for Lithium-Ion Battery Fires: Lithium-ion batteries are commonly seen in electric vehicles, an increasing market. The risk of high-intensity fires rises with this advancement. Our specialized solutions for lithium-ion batteries help cool and suppress the fire and prevent re-ignition of the flames.
  • Fire Extinguishers: We offer mobile and fixed fire extinguishers powered by the F-500 Encapsulator Agent. These systems suppress various fire classes quickly and efficiently. Our portable fire extinguishers ensure your vehicle’s highest level of fire protection.
  • Suppression Systems: Our comprehensive range of suppression systems meets the specific needs of different vehicle types. We design our systems for immediate fire detection, ensuring we minimize damage and maintain safety.

Types of Fire Hazards in Vehicles

Fire hazards in vehicles are often multi-faceted. Understanding these fire risks is essential for establishing a proactive vehicle fire suppression system.

  • Flammable Liquid Fires: Haul trucks and heavy equipment often carry and operate large volumes of flammable liquids such as fuel and oil. A gas leakage, high temperatures, or sparks quickly lead to a fire. An established fire suppression system and utilizing the F-500 Encapsulator Agent are essential for handling these scenarios.
  • Electrical Fires: These fires are common in mass transit and modern vehicles with intricate electrical systems, advanced technology, and electronics. In road vehicles, the risk of electrical fires escalates. Damaged wiring or short circuits can ignite a fire, which requires effective suppression to prevent extensive damage.
  • Engine Failures: Many vehicle fires start in the engine compartment. Vehicles operating under extremely high temperatures and pressures are more susceptible to intense fires. Establishing a vehicle fire protection system is necessary to protect the driver and occupants.
  • Electric Vehicle Batteries: The volume of electric vehicles on the road is increasing, and the batteries operating these vehicles can be dangerous. Lithium-ion batteries can heat up to 1,000 degrees hotter than a traditional engine fire, requiring an excellent fire suppression system to combat these flames. 
  • Hazardous Materials: Waste management trucks and industrial vehicles transport hazardous materials daily. Materials like chemicals and lithium-ion batteries can ignite inside these vehicles. It’s crucial to establish effective suppression systems for these types of fires.

Our solutions at Hazard Control Technologies are supported by the ISO 9001:2015 certification, ensuring you receive reliable, rigorously tested fire protection equipment. Our top priority is to meet the diverse needs of the automobile industry, ensuring our products are standards of top-quality safety. 

Hazard Control Technologies' Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

When it comes to vehicle fire suppression, Hazard Control Technologies is the industry standard in providing high-quality fire protection services. With over 25 years of experience and excellent customer service, we have designed innovative fire suppression systems, ensuring unparalleled safety and efficiency in every endeavor. Our expertise addresses the specific challenges of vehicle fires, whether they originate from flammable liquids, electrical and engine equipment, or hazardous materials. We aim to ensure your vehicle has the most reliable and effective fire protection system.

We demonstrate our commitment to excellence through our unique line of products: F-500 Encapsulator Technology, mobile and fixed fire extinguishers, and protection for lithium-ion battery fires. These suppression agents ensure quality performance and safety while protecting firefighters against the toxins and carcinogens present in a fire. We understand the importance of reliable fire suppression in vehicles, and our solutions reflect this knowledge. You can trust that Hazard Control Technologies will protect your vehicles with state-of-the-art fire suppression systems, protecting individuals and equipment.


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