Electric Vehicle Fire Suppression

Electric vehicles are changing the way we think about car safety, especially when it comes to fires. Although fires in electric vehicles aren’t as common as in hybrid vehicles and traditional internal combustion engine vehicles, they can be harder to deal with because of the technology involved. Hazard Control Technologies understands the challenges that come with electric car fires and is committed to creating effective fire suppression systems that keep everyone and their vehicle safe.

EV vehicle charging in a parking deck.

The Value of Fire Suppression Solutions

At HCT, we offer several fire suppression solutions that are not only effective but also versatile across different industries. Our agents and systems tackle the unique challenges posed by EV fires, ensuring rapid and safe suppression.

  • F-500 Encapsulator Agent: Most EV cars have li-ion batteries, and the F-500 EA is highly effective in suppressing lithium-ion battery fires. When the battery cells are overheated, this agent quickly cools and halts the battery’s chemical reaction, preventing a potential fire or explosion from occurring.
  • Specialized Fire Extinguishers: Our extinguishers address the specific needs of EV fire suppression. They can be used on li-ion battery fires, electrical fires, and more, providing a versatile solution for first responders and fire departments.

The value our products bring to your facility is unmatched. We cater our solutions to a wide range of industries from municipal fire departments to automotive manufacturing plants and beyond. With HCT, you’re getting much more than just a fire suppression solution; you’re investing in safety, excellence, and reliability.

Combating Fire Hazards in EVs and Manufacturing Plants

Electric cars pose unique fire risks that require specialized attention. The potential for thermal runaway in battery cells, where one overheating cell triggers a larger fire, calls for advanced suppression methods. Our products are developed with these scenarios in mind, offering suppression capabilities that are effective for manufacturing, charging stations, and the vehicles themselves.

  • Lithium-Ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles: EVs face risks from high voltage battery packs and exposed electrical components. Our solutions quickly interrupt the chain reaction, preventing additional fire spread and minimizing physical damage. This is crucial for protecting an individual’s health because it shuts out the release of hydrogen fluoride and other toxic fumes.
  • EV Charging Stations: The risk of electrical fires and thermal runaway is increased due to the constant flow of high-voltage electricity. We provide an essential safety layer, protecting parking garages, vehicles, and users from fire incidents in these environments.
  • Manufacturing Plants: From flammable liquids to assembling battery packs and electrical systems, our systems protect the machinery, inventory, and workforce in EV manufacturing facilities. We help mitigate the risks of EV production and maintain a safe and efficient operating environment.
electric vehicle car park.

Hazard Control Technologies' Expertise

With our innovation and expertise, we are dedicated to advancing fire safety in the electric vehicle industry. Our F-500 EA and fire extinguishing systems are at the core of our mission to provide effective solutions for emergency responders and fire service departments. The F-500 EA quickly cools high temperatures and prevents the chemical reactions that lead to thermal runaway, making it a valuable tool for combating EV battery fires. This agent has been proven effective across a variety of fire classes, including class A, class B, and class D.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected through our ISO 9001 certification. Each of our products and equipment goes through rigorous quality control and testing before use, ensuring that you are choosing products that meet the highest standards of quality and safety in the industry. At HCT, we are partners in safeguarding electric vehicles and their environments, ensuring that innovation goes hand in hand with safety and protection.


For those ready to enhance the fire safety of their electric vehicles and EV plants, we are here to help. Reach out to us for a consultation and we’ll show you how our fire suppression solutions are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring your operations are protected by the absolute best.