NFPA 750: Standard on Water Mist Systems

At Hazard Control Technologies, we align our fire protection solutions with the highest standards dedicated to water mist systems. This commitment is seen through our cutting-edge, compliant, and efficient fire suppression agents and systems. Our focus on adhering to these rigorous standards reflects our dedication to safety, innovation, and the effectiveness of our water mist sprinkler systems in protecting lives and property.

Understanding the Standards for Water Mist Systems

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 750 sets the industry standards for the design, installation, maintenance, and acceptance testing requirements of water mist fire protection systems.

Unlike traditional sprinkler systems that rely on saturating an area with water, water mist systems use smaller droplets of water. This method is more environmentally friendly and minimizes water damage to your property. The current edition of NFPA 750 details three pressure classifications for this system: low-pressure systems, intermediate or medium-pressure systems, and high-pressure systems.

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Pressure Classifications

Low-Pressure Systems

Operating Pressure < 175 PS / < 12.1 BAR

Large Droplets: < 1,000 microns

Intermediate-Pressure Systems

Operating Pressure 175-500 PSI / 12.1-34.5 BAR

Small Droplets: 300-500 microns

High-Pressure Systems

Operating Pressure > 500 PSI / > 34.5 BAR

Smallest Droplets: 10-100 microns

Water mist systems utilize Encapsulator Technology across various fire classes due to their ability to displace oxygen through water vapor and cool the fire area rapidly, thereby extinguishing the fire.

NFPA releases the most up-to-date information on the requirements for these fixed systems, ensuring they are not only effective but also reliable and safe. These standards cover everything from the initial design and installation to ongoing maintenance and operation. Performance-based testing is a specific requirement under NFPA 750, outlining that water mist systems must be tested against real fire in different testing situations.

Compliance with these standards is a fundamental principle that guides every fire protection project at Hazard Control Technologies.

Fire classifications

F-500 Encapsulator Agent's Effectiveness

Water mist droplets are far less efficient at cooling than F-500 EA droplets. Unlike traditional water mist, the F-500 enhances the effectiveness of water droplets, making them smaller and more efficient. This solution acts on three levels (flammability, explosivity, and toxicity) to successfully target and extinguish various fire classes.

Hazard Control Technologies' F-500 EA.

F-500 EA rapidly reduces temperatures up to 10x faster than water droplets, encapsulates fuel molecules, and interrupts the chemical reaction that fuels combustion. Benefits of the F-500 over water spray or mist include:

  1. F-500 EA encapsulates liquid and vapor fuel molecules
  2. F-500 EA rapidly reduces heat, resulting in stable burn back resistance
  3. F-500 EA reduces the amount of toxins present in fires such as hydrogen fluoride and carbon dioxide

When deployed through our Diamond Doser system, we optimize water mist delivery, ensuring that fires are quickly and effectively extinguished with minimal environmental impact and water usage.

Complying with NFPA Standards

The F-500 Encapsulator Agent is designed to meet the high standards and testing requirements set by the NFPA. Its integration into water mist systems demonstrates our ultimate goal: to provide businesses with a fire suppression solution that isn’t just effective but is safe and environmentally responsible.

We prioritize safety with our water-driven proportioner that pumps eco-friendly F-500 EA concentrate directly into your sprinkler heads.

HCT’s Commitment to NFPA Standards

At Hazard Control Technologies, we follow all NFPA standards, ensuring every piece of equipment we provide adheres to the highest levels of safety and reliability.

Our adherence to these general requirements complements our ISO 9001 certification, solidifying our reputation as a trusted leader in fire protection. We take a holistic approach to safety, combining quality management principles with industry-specific fire protection standards. This is why businesses worldwide continue to trust Hazard Control Technologies for the most advanced fire extinguishing systems. 

We understand that the stakes are incredibly high when it comes to fire safety. That’s why our team is dedicated to continuous improvement and compliance with the NFPA, ensuring we are protecting lives, property, and the environment.

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